How to get out of a DJ Trap!

he number one issue all DJs have and most refuse to address.

I have worked hard for years to understand the audience and what makes them tick. While a particular DJ or Emcee may have a great personality or energy, they most likely lack an understanding of the one deficit this article will help to solve. They choose to put themselves in bondage at the onset of an event in a way they don’t realize while destroying any chances that the audience will indeed respond they way intended. In other words, the DJ becomes trapped.

I define a trap as a question you ask to the audience or a throwaway comment that does not deliver maximum audience participation. For example, you may walk in front of an audience and ask, “Who is ready to have a good time tonight?” While you innocently think you are getting a large degree of audience response, you have failed to realize that you just trapped yourself. Likewise, if you ever say the word please to an audience, the same trap occurs. Let’s analyze why this trap fails in the first place then I will help you stop this behavior immediately.

Why is it a trap?

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Todd Mitchem
Take It To Another Level

Corporate events and expanding your business.

(Originally Published, August 2000)

It is 6am on a Tuesday morning.  We have been planning this event for a week and now it comes down to this.  I must admit that I was shocked when they called and said they needed entertainment at 7am on a Tuesday.  Shocked, but not afraid.  I planned it out just like any other show.  This one-hour event would have a beginning, middle, and an ending just like any other event I had ever performed at.  This one had it's challenges, that was certain.  As I looked over the spec sheet, I was proud that we had created a show for one solid hour even though we would not have the benefit of music, props, or a DJ.  It was just going to be myself, my partner, and one hour of pre meeting warm-up for one of our largest corporate clients ever, Universal Studios Florida. 

This is just one example of what I have experienced in the world of corporate entertainment.  As I travel around the United States conducting seminars and speaking to large groups of mobile entertainers about interactive skills, I am often surprised to learn that most companies are still not exploring the lucrative world of corporate entertainment outside of the occasional holiday event or the summer picnic.   Most likely your market is filled with companies that conduct events, meetings, or a slew of other corporate functions during the workweek. 

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Todd Mitchem
You are making me mad!

How to stop complaining about challenges at your events and turn them into positives.

When I started out at a young age as a Mobile DJ I remember saying the phrase often, “That guest is making me mad!” or “The bride is making me mad!”  Later in my career as my own personal development changed and evolved I began to realize that I was complaining in a way that was holding me back.  So I made a change.

It was not until later in my career in business, as a speaker and working with top companies al over the world that I realized a new way to articulate that feeling of taking ownership over my behavior, feelings and actions in a new way.  I wanted others like me to understand that to be angry and then blame others was a pointless endeavor.

As an example, let’s take the phrase: “You are making me mad.”

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Todd Mitchem
And The Winner Is……

Create Great Contests That Work Every Time!

I picked the contestants very carefully from this large corporate event.  We could not have two of the same type of contestants.  I have got the typical company accountant, the head of the sales department, and the CEO himself.  They have all just performed what I would categorize as the worst Model Walk performances ever.  The audience loved every second of it, and now it is time to judge these three stunning examples of runway modeling.  Who will walk away with the coveted title of “Male Model Walk Champion”?  I then turn to the audience and begin the judging.  The audience is involved, the contestants are laughing and of course the accountant is the winner.   

The cornerstone of the interactive entertainment world is a great contest.  In one contest you can make people laugh, create an abundance of energy, get the entire audience involved, and gain complete control of the room.  Contests are the perfect transition element for any event and can save you during some unforeseen emergency.  Contests are essential for any interactive performer who is serious about taking his or her skills and company to another level.

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Todd Mitchem